When Saudi Arabia announced it was opening its doors to international tourism in 2019, the Kingdom had been working with TEI for more than a year on product development, marketing, guide training, and ranger education, specifically in AlUla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Since then, our role has expanded to include planning, training, organizational structure, content development, visitor experience programs, and destination management in AlUla. Our sustainable land use expertise, training programs, and product development are assisting in responsibly developing the area’s sensitive historic and natural heritage – mysterious petroglyphs, a verdant oasis, elaborate ancient tombs carved into sandstone outcrops, unspoiled wilderness, spectacular night skies, and historic city center – commemorating AlUla’s 200,000 years of human history.

Our efforts supported the first Tantora Winter Festival, AlUla’s spectacular 8-week international debut in early 2019. Today, AlUla is in demand; international artists such as Bruno Mars, John Legend and Rod Stewart appear at AlUla’s purpose-built Maraya Performing Arts Center and the Azimuth cultural festival.

Following additional consultations in AlUla in the summer of 2023, TEI is crafting a US-based ranger and guide training program and sustainable product development programs incorporating AlUla museums and its arts district.

About AlUla: A focal point of the Saudi drive to develop and expand tourism, AlUla has developed into a year-round center for international musical performances and art shows as well as a magnet for visitors fascinated by the history of the Arabian Peninsula. AlUla also draws adventure travelers with zip lines through dramatic landscapes, glamping facilities, authentic local food experiences, and guided hiking and biking expeditions.

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