We create success in every aspect of modern DMO management utilizing the latest proven techniques in staff training and education. We help your team deliver:

  • Stellar customer service
  • Frontline, tour guide and volunteer services that customers love
  • Respected community leadership
  • Organizational structures to position your organization for success

Our personalized coaching and professional development training is led by TEI experts with decades of high-level experience in international tourism management and will help your staff operate smoothly, especially when challenges and crises arise. A sampling of our training includes:

  • Ranger Training
  • Tour Guide Training
  • Best Practices in Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Destination Assessment and Secret Shopper Programs
  • How to Create a Destination Stewardship Plan, Framework and Lessons Learned
  • Tourism and Crisis Communications
  • Building Board and Council relations
  • Residential Sentiment Surveys, Community Engagement and Feedback
  • Visitor Center Operations
  • Crisis Management
  • Creating an Exceptional Organizational Culture Attracting Exceptional Talent

We customize each training module to your specific needs – empowering your staff to achieve team excellence and personal success.

Whether it is specialized training or a total team re-focus, TEI professionals are ready to help.

TEI has collected the best of the industry’s best – all supporting you, your destination and your next development steps. ​ Our consultants collaborate with you to create sustainable, community-supported tourism and economic development grounded in an authentic sense of place, producing balanced economic growth, increased tax revenues and an improved quality of life.

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